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Shuck You Cancer

Bra # 39 “Shuck You Cancer”
Artist: Mel Weresh

Iowa is the great corn state, and corn has a number of innovative uses. Most people know that corn is used for human consumption, and as feed for livestock. Other consumable uses of corn include cornmeal, cornstarch, corn oil and corn syrup. When corn is distilled it can be enjoyed as whiskey. Corn is also used as fuel in ethanol. Corn steep liquor, a byproduct of corn separation, is used as a medium for producing penicillin, and corn germ, a waste product, can be used to make industrial glue.

Shuck You Cancer celebrates the many uses or corn, including decorative – and the great state of Iowa. There is a cure out there for cancer. Who knows, perhaps the cure will be found in Iowa?

In Memory of Jill Shireman