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“Children Coloring for the Cure”

Designed By: Laura Sherlock & Simply Sherlock Custom Coloring Books

In Honor Of: Emelia Chadwick

Others Whom You Would Like To Acknowledge: Donna Karanaugh & Barb Woodard


When I was eight my mom got sick and I felt helpless. She was stuck in bed or in the hospital and besides visiting when I could there wasn’t much more I could do. One day I saw an empty bulletin board in her hospital room. I said “Mom, can I color some pictures for you?” She gave me a warm smile and said, “I would love that honey”. As soon as I could get my hands on my crayon box I was unstoppable. The colors I choose were fantastic. I used all the colors I had, especially the ones with lots of glitter. In the end her bulletin board was filled with pictures, from everything to a drawing of our family and house to the latest animal I had imagined. She said she loved them, and I felt happy. She said every time she looked at them she smiled and thought of me. She it helped her feel better to know how loved she was.

When I was making this bra I thought of how often kids can feel helpless or powerless to the events that transpire around them, especially sickness in loved ones. I wanted to remember the kids as they struggle with sickness, whether it be cancer or other illnesses. I created a bra made of squiggles, one of my favorite things to draw, and added the crayons to make it seem like the bra was being drawn right before your eyes.