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Molecular Cleavage: Science is Sexy Too!

Designed By: Andra Castle, lota Sigma Pi


The story behind this bra is not really a story but more of a beginning.  It is a “once upon a time.”  So, once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to be something extraordinary.  She thought and she thought.  Then she worked and she worked.  All of a sudden the little girl was not a little girl anymore and she was something extraordinary.  She was a chemist.  Once she realized this, she knew that it was only the beginning.


This bra is a tribute to all the extraordinary women in science.  It is based on the idea of the cleavage of molecules, a process where a molecule separates.  Yet, it is a playful title relating the cleavage of breasts to the cleavage of molecules.  It is our way of sharing the sexier side of science.  This bra represents women in science: smart, empowered, extraordinary, sexy, fun, women of science.  So in a way, this bra represents everyone.  From atoms to molecules to compounds to us: smart, empowered, sexy, fun, people joining together to fight breast cancer.