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Bra Cause She Has A Heart-----Key To The Cure

Designed By: Ginny Renaud

In Honor Of: My children and grandchildren and husband who have been on this journey with me.  I love you all.  A special thanks to Joe & Tiffan Yamen, my daughter & son in-law for sponsoring a table & supporting the cause!


It’s been over six years since I was first diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

It has returned four times since then.  There is no other way to describe this disease than to say it is ugly and persistent.  It leaves scars beyond ones body.

Breast cancer effects entire families not just one person.

One day I asked my husband if he missed my breasts and he had a rapid fire response, “Yes I do, but I’d miss you so much more.”  I know he loves me for my heart, so that’s why I chose to name this sculpture “Bra Cause She Has a Heart.”

The subtitle to this sculpture is “Keys To The Cure.”  If wishes would come true the key to unlocking the cure will be in my life time.