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Coloring Outside the Lines

Bra #83 “Coloring Outside The Lines”
Artist: Buphie Trevillyan

My name is Buphie and I have Down Syndrome. My sister, Daphane, is the Gala Chair, and she asked our family to design bras. whole life is music and coloring, so my mom thought I should make a bra with crayons. My mom won't let me use a hot glue gun so I didn't burn myself. So....I took wrappers off every single crayon. My mom told me I only needed to take part of the wrapper off so she could help me cut the tips of the crayons off. But I told her I "had" to take off the entire wrapper. So...this took A LONG TIME!!!! We worked and worked and worked to do the best I could and it shows you something about me.....I LOVE TO COLOR!! I actually had fun making this and I hope you love it too!